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How to lose weight

30 year old Joe Weekes called "human coach" hubeixiongyao, he has more than 1 million fans on the Internet, he has recently launched its new weight loss tips books, Weekes claims, do not need to quit carbohydrates, do not need to quit high fat, do not need to calculate the calories, exercise every day 15, day 90 can be lost.

Weekes was born in London. He claimed that he could only make students lose weight in only 90 days, and using his method, trainers did not need to strictly control diet or crazy exercise.

many people calculate calories strictly in order to lose weight, Weekes says. It's a "sad thing." He says he likes to exercise very much, and spends most of his time in the gym every day. But he found that if you want to lose weight, 4-5 times a week and 15 minutes of high intensity training will be enough.

"my whole idea of nutrition and training is that we don't need to spend a few hours in the gym." "We don't all hire personal coaches and gym memberships," Weekes said. "It's better to save a bit of time. Of course, if you really like training and want to stay there all day, you can. But spend less time in the gym, which means you can also eat more food and really enjoy your day. 15 minutes of HIIT training really enough, I was so thin, even in the trip, I can stick to it.

Weekes says his idea of training is to change the way of life and encourage people to cook for themselves, not to eat fast food. He felt that for a hamburger, and go to the gym for hours is not worth, as well as their cooking in the kitchen, but also do not have to eat only vegetable dish "like a rabbit, enough protein and carbohydrate is very important, because the weight loss also requires energy. In fact, Weekes's weight loss packages are delicious, whether salad, spaghetti or pizza, are they strict in fat free and sugar free. Weekes believes that healthy fat is good for the body. After all, people lose weight, the main thing is to "build lean meat", not "no fat".

Weekes's weight loss course was a great success. He said he had more than 1 million 400 thousand pounds a month and had 90 thousand students. He said his goal was to carry out global business. (Sina running winter)

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